Would you like to beat the recession blues and get a new-look, magazine-cover kitchen at approximately 25% of the cost of replacing your existing kitchen?

The kitchen is the hub of the home for most people, and secretly could always do with more storage, a smarter layout or be a different colour.  But financially and practically, throwing out a decent kitchen is rightly the last thing on people’s minds in a recession.

So, why not consider the alternative to a full kitchen refit?  If you appreciate quality, style, efficiency and value for money then Custom Kitchens can fine tune any current kitchen layout and upgrade it without the uproar and cost of starting from scratch.

We can give your kitchen a new look with a traditional hand-painted finish in a colour and finish of your choice. We can also advise you on additional touches such as new handles, soft close hinges, worktops, cabinets, doors, spice racks, wicker baskets and storage bins, the list goes on, and can be worked out with you to fit into your budget. We also offer a professional tiling service complimented by a quality decorating service, thus eliminating the need to deal with several tradesmen and of course all the stress involved in trying to coordinate a complete revamp of your kitchen.


Our pride is in quality attention to detail and our ability to meet our client’s needs within their budget.  We do our work with pride and do not take short cuts therefore eliminating complaints of paint peeling and flaking due to incompetence, cheap products and bad workmanship.


Custom kitchens prefer to use oil based paint as it has proven over time to be the best material to achieve a high-class, long lasting hand painted finish for high traffic areas thus guaranteeing longevity and many happy clients

What Next?

If you would like a free quote it is best to start the process by phone/email.
Let me know what sort of kitchen you have, eg. Oak, laminate, clear lacquer or waxed, and how many doors.
In addition to painting do you envisage any upgrades, as in new handles, new worktops, additional cabinets or new tiling?  If so, please include some brief details/ideas.
I would also ask you to email me a couple of photos to give me a clear idea of the scope of the work.  I can also see things that you have possibly overlooked.
With that initial information I can prepare a quote and if the price suits your budget then I will call to meet and arrange dates, and finalise colours/handles etc.

How long does it take and can I use my kitchen when you paint?

The approximate time scale for an average kitchen is 2 weeks from start to finish.  We take all doors to our workshop to be painted in a temperature-controlled, dust-free environment and we will do all frame work on site in approximately 4-5 days.  The kitchen can be used for the whole process except for day 1 when we sand, clean and fill the units on site.  We do our best to work with clients and appreciate that the kitchen must be kept running for everyday life so our method allows minimal disruption to clients, plus allowing us give a perfect finish to doors in our workshop.

Contact Custom Kitchens:
Contact Declan,Patrick
Telephone: 085 7288945
Email:  customkitchens@live.ie
Adress:Dolla Nenagh
See more examples of our work visit: www.facebook.com/custom.kitchens.3